How-To: Hair Comb Jewelry

When I come across hair combs in the store, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t immediately think, “Hey! I bet I could make some awesome jewelry out of that!” However, that seems to be exactly what happens when Michelle, the super-creative jewelry maker from Mich. L. in L. A., sees them. She’s made some […]

How-To: Rustic Spoon Pendant

I’ve always liked the look of old, slightly shabby jewelry—a touch of tarnish can make even the most ordinary piece seem like it has good story to tell. This Rustic Spoon Pendant Tutorial from Busily Spinning Momma definitely speeds up the aging process, turning a new spoon into a charming pendant that looks well-loved and […]

A Honeycomb Pendant with a Secret Purpose

By day, this honeycomb pendant by Blend Creations looks like a nature-based piece of art. But if you have a tinkering emergency, voila! It’s also a functional wrench. The hexagonal holes are sized to fit 8, 10, 12 and 14mm bolts, and the smallest one will even fit a standard cordless drill bit. Embrace your […]