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Diane Gilleland shares a fun look at her craft table – every messy layer of it. I think we can all identify with her, especially her description of how and why her craft table gets so cluttered.

I have a huge problem with putting things away. I love getting them out. I love to make stuff, but I hate putting my toys away when I’m done.

Inspired by her video, several other crafters are starting to share their messy workspaces as well. I love seeing the places where creative magic happens. My office/craft room is a huge mess right now, so I’m tempted to share pictures of it to join in the fun and then inspire me to clean it up. When it’s clean, I feel much more eager to create. Usually, I find that setting a timer for 15 minutes and turning off the internet is all I need to knock out at least the most basic clean up and reorg. What about you? Any tips for keeping motivated to put away supplies when you are done with a project? What about while you are working on a project? I start to think that if I’m still working on it, I can’t put it away … but maybe that’s not true. What do you think?
sister diane messy craft table Sister Diane's Problem With Putting Away Her Craft Supplies

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