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How-To: Color-Matching Chameleon Scarf

Flora Color Match Scarf

Another cool wearables project from Adafruit Director of Wearable Electronics and MAKE alum Becky Stern. In this design, Becky is showing off the capabilities of Adafruit's FLORA wearable color sensor. She's sewn it into a circuit with a FLORA microcontroller and 12 FLORA RGB LEDs, on a ruffled scarf designed... Read more »

How-To: Shimmering LED Skirt

Becky's latest wearables project, over at adafruit, combines three components from their FLORA sewable electronics ecosystem—the microcontroller, the accelerometer/compass module, and the RGB LED "pixels"—to create a no-solder sewable circuit that sparkles when you sashay! Read more »

How-To: DIY Welding Rod


Brooklyn-based maker Chris Hackett is founder and director of the Madagascar Institute, whose slogan is: “Fear is never boring.” Can’t argue with that! In MAKE Volume 33, Hackett shows us how to make our own welding rods. In his intro he writes: There are a bunch of DIY welder articles... Read more »