What Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Looks Like

At extremes of temperature and pressure above a substance's so-called "critical point," the distinction between liquid and gas phases of that substance stops being meaningful, and the substance enters a homogeneous "supercritical" phase. For many substances, supercritical temperatures and pressures are difficult to achieve, and that's doubly true if you're... Read more »

CNC Milling Plate Glass and Mirrors

Ben Krasnow - of DIY electron microscope fame, among other impressive projects - has posted some useful notes on an unusual cutting process. Normally, of course, the recommended practice for cutting plate glass is scoring and breaking, but it can be cut using a more-or-less conventional milling setup provided you... Read more »

Experimenting with a Thermite BBQ

"I ignited four pounds of thermite made with aluminum / iron (III) oxide in a flower pot. The thermite reaction quickly formed liquid iron which dripped down out of the pot, and into a ceramic pan. I put a beef kebab directly onto the liquid iron, which cooked the food... Read more »

Streaming Demos Live from Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

The demo stages in the MAKE and CRAFT booths in the center of Expo Hall at Maker Faire this weekend are packed with back-to-back demos all weekend long. We’ll be streaming a selection of these demos live on the Maker Faire Ustream channel for those of you unable to join... Read more »

DIY Scanning Electron Microscope

We’ve covered Ben Krasnow’s awesome work here before. At last year’s Maker Faire, he showed off his liquid nitrogen generator (for which he won at least one Editor’s Blue Ribbon). Now he’s posted to his blog this latest project, a working DIY scanning electron microscope! It’s been months of work... Read more »

Pneumatic muscle controller

Ben Krasnow shows a handy demo of how to build an air muscle, which is based on this Instructable. This technique is just crying out to be paired with the HowToons Robot Hands from MAKE, Volume 19, also on the HowToons site. Read more »