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Coin Ring Technique

Make a ring out of a coin!

Coin Ring Technique

A lot of people are talking about these rings, which are made by hammering the edge of a coin with a hammer. Try using a spoon and some patience. You’ll get a lot better results!


Step #1:

Coin Ring TechniqueCoin Ring TechniqueCoin Ring TechniqueCoin Ring Technique

All of the rings shown here were made by tapping the edge of the coin with a spoon for hours.

Step #2:

Coin Ring Technique

Drill a small hole in the center of the coin and wedge a round file in the hole to hold the coin. This gives you a handle to hold while spinning the coin. While spinning the coin on edge, tap the top edge of the coin with a spoon.

Step #3:

Coin Ring Technique

Just keep tapping until it's the size you need, then remove the material in the center with a file, dremel, drill etc.

Step #4:

Coin Ring TechniqueCoin Ring TechniqueCoin Ring Technique

These are the only tools I use! The axe head rests on my lap and I spin the coin on top of it while tapping the top of the coin down the center and then both sides. Also, flip the coin around on the round file and tap in both directions. Use files to remove wrinkles as they arise. Use a women's five-stage fingernail file to clean up the ring when it's finished.

Step #5:

Coin Ring Technique

The coin should be rolled on top of an axe head or other metal anvil by holding the file in one hand with the coin attached and rolling it on its edge. With the other hand, hold the spoon so its cupped part is facing the top edge of the coin. Then use it like a hammer. If this description doesn't help, watch a YouTube video on how they do their techniques, then just apply the spoon and file into their technique!


  1. Shane Walton says:

    with the file?a drill?a Dremel?What cha got?

  2. Shane Walton says:

    tap the outside edge with spoon. hole is for you to put round file into so you have a handle.rotate the file with the coin on end of it over an anvil or something metal, then tap edge of coin with spoon.

    1. Darren says:

      How do you hold the spoon, perpendicular to the coin or parallel and you made two separate posts saying underside and inside of the spoon. I think if you used the underside it would actually end up making the ridge concave wouldn’t it. I know it’s an easy idea hit side of coin with spoon I’m just curious I’m sorry.

  3. Shane Walton says:

    i thik its pretty self explanitory! tap coin with spoon! dont know how people get put coin in spoon from anything i wrote? as far as the middle is concerned, i file it out. us ur imagination i guess, i dont know everyones income and what type of tools they can afford. i made this as SIMPLE as i could.

  4. tarah sanders says:

    Yes & yes, underside of bowl/bottom of spoon

  5. Shane Walton says:

    axe for anvil,spoon for hammer,strike so inside of bowl hits edge of coin.

  6. Shane Walton says:

    inside of spoon bowl hits side of coin.

  7. Shane Walton says:

    no gold coins used.Regular coins will look copper colored anywhere the inside of the coin shows. penny is gold color from baking in oven while wrapped in aluminum foil.

  8. Shane Walton says:

    notice in video how flat and shapeless the rings are from using hammer instead of spoon.

  9. Shane Walton says:

    once again he uses hammer and gets a flat ring! even warps the coin i believe.

  10. Shane Walton says:

    lol tap coin with spoon isnt rocket science. people are making this alot harder then it is. its more of a patience thing if you ask me.

  11. Shane Walton says:

    it think you are doing better then most on understanding. its just so simple people are imagining to much into this one

  12. Shane Walton says:

    all coins will work but some metals will mess with skin. you can put a coat of fingrnail polish on inside to stop that tho. just b sure the spoon is stainless steele so it will be harder then coin.

  13. Shane Walton says:

    if you use a stainless spoon it should be harder then most coins and i have done a stainless itialian coin with no problems. Some metals will mess with your skin tho. if so, you can just coat the inside of ring with some clear fingernail polish.

  14. Dave Bell says:

    ‘Way, way up at the top – ”’Time required: 6-50 Hrs”’

    I was also thinking of spinning the coin, when I saw it drilled and stabbed.
    The trick would be to get it well centered, and I’d use a drill press and as short a mandrel as I could, for stability. It seems like you could then use steady pressure with a concave steel tool, and gradually press it to shape.

  15. Leon Long says:

    center of many later US coins are copper inside. that’s whay you are seeing.

  16. Shane Walton says:

    any coin will work just depends on your prefferance

  17. Shane Walton says:

    all tools i found cheap or already at home, coins cost whatever silver is at at that time. silver quarters avg. $6, silver half dollars avg $12. its all about putting the time in on these they really only need a spoon to tap top of coin with it will eventually form the ring. you can get 5 spoons at DG for $1. files i got at kmart set of 5 for $5. fingernail file is about $3. all can be substituted with stuff from your imagination.

  18. Shane Walton says:

    with a thich oneida spoon i can do a quarter in about 2-3 hrs. depending on size of ring it will be. there are fastewr ways such as drilling and dremeling out center. time depends on you tool availability. you see my tools.

  19. Shane Walton says:

    no you definatly aint got it till you realize thats just one coin ring. 1 coin needed per ring. the ring is that color because thats the color inside most standard american coins after they stopped making them out of silver.(65)

  20. Shane Walton says:

    also if you get in a rush and hit to hatd coin will warp! yea my first ring was a bloody mess!

  21. Shane Walton says:

    good all i have is drill press.cant really lay it on its side to spin coin.

  22. Shane Walton says:

    lol great video!

  23. heather says:

    my boyfriend made me a few of these rings. The first one was out of a dime, and it turned my finger blue from the metal reacting to the skin. The one I have now is made out of a Canadian quarter, and it’s beautiful , very shiny and it doesn’t tint my skin at all! and it’s perfect size. the size will depend on how big you drill the hole.

  24. Shane Walton says:

    also increases the risk of warping if you tap to hard.

  25. Sam says:

    Do you ever heat (anneal) the coins

  26. cs says:

    How does wrapping copper coin in aluminum. foil and bskrd changes the color. Do you have a web page of info on this?