The poor incandescent light bulb — the very symbol of having a bright idea — is endangered. It’s being phased out all around the world: Brazil and Venezuela (since 2005), European Union (2009), and soon in the United States (2014). Granted, efficient CFL and LED lights produce more light with far less energy, but they’re just not as much fun.

The light bulb in the EZ-Make Oven creates enough heat to shrink plastic, harden polymer clay, or as in this DIY project, make wiggly creations by “cooking” plastisol. Have your own “aha!” moment and build this light bulb-powered craft oven, while you can!

Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger ([email protected]) is an inventor/designer with 30 years of experience making fun stuff.

  • Jerry Carter

    I wonder what Jack Black would say about outlawing the awesome incandescent bulb. it would probably have to be censored. I’m reminded of some things he has said in the past that seem fitting.

  • Tex Arcana

    What Jack Black should say is, “INCANDESCENT BULBS AREN’T BEING OUTLAWED!!”

    They’re just being redesigned to be more efficient: 100w-equivalent bulbs are now 72w, 75w-equivalents are now 54w; and 60w-equivalent bulbs are now 43w.

    But they cannot be banned, because there are uses for which any other type of bulb cannot be used. Ever try to put a compact-fluorescent or an LED in an oven?? Won’t work, to say the least.

    If anything, fluorescent bulbs will get totally banned first (starting in California), because of their mercury content.

    So, please: stop with the FUD. Thank you.