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Things from Rings


From the Museum of Mathematics The Math Mondays Experimental Making Labs recently received numerous binder rings in its Incoming Raw Materials box. You know — the little circles that clip closed, used to hold a sheaf of hole-punched paper together.  According to the donor: “Here’s an office supply item that... Read more »

DIY Tensegrity


In honor of a recent visit to Kenneth Snelson's workshop, and as a continued tribute to Math Craft, which has a nice gallery of tensegrity projects, here's a detailed, step-by-step illustration of how to make a tensegrity structure that you may not find in a lot of other places --... Read more »

Math Monday: Sonobe Some More


For the Museum of Mathematics Last column, we saw some of the basics of modular origami with the Sonobe unit.  Today’s post is mostly a gallery of a few of the limitless cool things you can do with this unit.  But first, a note about chirality. A three-dimensional object is... Read more »


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