Math Monday: Sonobe Some More


For the Museum of Mathematics Last column, we saw some of the basics of modular origami with the Sonobe unit.  Today’s post is mostly a gallery of a few of the limitless cool things you can do with this unit.  But first, a note about chirality. A three-dimensional object is... Read more »

Math Monday: Introducing the Sonobe Unit


There have been numerous installments of Math Monday on origami or kirigami of one mathematical form or another, but today is the first time we've covered a classic workhorse from this genre: the Sonobe modular origami unit. One of the simplest and most versatile of the modular units, there's so... Read more »

Geometry Takes Flight


Math Mondays is back from spring break with some mathematical ideas that are perfect for March's winds: you can make a kite with any number of pure geometric forms. First off, the very word "kite" has its own specific mathematical meaning: any quadrilateral with two pairs of equal adjacent edges. Read more »

Math Monday: Business Cards III

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.52.50 AM

I wanted to follow up on the two prior installments on the making opportunities presented by business cards with a roundup of some of the more exotic things that one can do with them. Beyond this, if you think I've missed some particularly mathematically worthy or impressive business card constructions,... Read more »

Math Monday: Linkages – The Straight Dope

For the Museum of Mathematics And here is yet another installment in our epic Math Mondays series on the intricate world of mechanical linkages. See the Linkages series introduction for the MoMath Linkage Kit, an introduction, and general instructions. OK, the suspense surrounding the (non?)existence of a straight-line linkage has... Read more »