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Joe Grand and Bre Pettis have joined forces for another Awesome Electronics Workshop to introduce you to the Arrr-duino! In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of programming and setting up your arduino. Don’t have one yet? You can get them in the Make: Store or build you’re own! – Subscribe Link

Arduino in the Make: Store – Link

24 thoughts on “Intro to the Arduino – Weekend Project Podcast

  1. Holy crap…a breadboard? A light? Wires? Why are you teaching us to build bombs, Bre? (Sorry, a little bitter about the latest from Boston this morning.)

  2. 2 ideas.

    1) Get an old bug, put a 50 HP diesel engine in it, put a CVT on it, and use the Arduino to control the CVT and anything else the optimizes fuel efficiency.

    2) Take 2 BT Arduinos and plug a the camera chip from a gameboy camera to one and a small LCD from Sparkfun to the other.

  3. What about the Wiring board(

    Arduino is based on Wiring.

    so would it be compatible?

    Perhaps an idea to podcast something with wiring!!!


  4. How about going through the different inputs and outputs on the Arduino and sh some basic sensor usage eg. temperature. With that one could figure out using a whole range of different sensors.

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