Intro to the Arduino – Weekend Project Podcast

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Joe Grand and Bre Pettis have joined forces for another Awesome Electronics Workshop to introduce you to the Arrr-duino! In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of programming and setting up your arduino. Don’t have one yet? You can get them in the Make: Store or build you’re own! – Subscribe Link

Arduino in the Make: Store – Link

24 thoughts on “Intro to the Arduino – Weekend Project Podcast

  1. theuglymonkey says:

    arduino LED cube

  2. GarrettM says:

    Holy crap…a breadboard? A light? Wires? Why are you teaching us to build bombs, Bre? (Sorry, a little bitter about the latest from Boston this morning.)

  3. tuckerch says:

    Stay the hell away from Boston with that thing! You might get shot!

  4. octatone says:


  5. samurai1200 says:

    10 meme-points to octatone.

  6. tmasman says:

    um… Careful with the request for pictures of “booty”… You might get what you asked for… HAHA!

  7. Takato says:

    2 ideas.

    1) Get an old bug, put a 50 HP diesel engine in it, put a CVT on it, and use the Arduino to control the CVT and anything else the optimizes fuel efficiency.

    2) Take 2 BT Arduinos and plug a the camera chip from a gameboy camera to one and a small LCD from Sparkfun to the other.

  8. WolvesOfWar says:

    What about the Wiring board(

    Arduino is based on Wiring.

    so would it be compatible?

    Perhaps an idea to podcast something with wiring!!!


  9. wayn3w says:

    Blinking lights? Wires? Looks like a hoax device to me!

  10. zappBrannigan says:

    How about going through the different inputs and outputs on the Arduino and sh some basic sensor usage eg. temperature. With that one could figure out using a whole range of different sensors.

  11. octatone says:


  12. Neha says:

    valaaa.. good one…

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