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If you love the Arduino software but find yourself hampered by the included ATmega168 chip’s memory size or pin count, Zach Hoeken has a solution –

Sanguino is a new microcontroller board inspired by the Arduino. We took the biggest baddest 40-pin DIP that Atmel makes and made a board with it. Its based on the atmega644P which provides 64K of flash, 4K of ram, 32 GPIO pins, and tons of other stuff. The best part: its compatible with the Arduino software, which means all of your code should run on it no problem, and you can program it just as easily.

Sweet – the extra pins alone would satisfy this arduinaut – I do believe I’ll have to give this board a go.

Sanguino kits

Sanguino website.

22 thoughts on “Sanguino microcontroller platform – Arduino’s big brother

  1. Excellent.

    I’m just putting together today the electrical kit for the Reprap. I’d noticed previously that they were running really close to the wire with the arduino. The pins were all spoken for, and the memory was something like 98% used.

    Bravo! This should give a lot more space for interacting with cool stuff. (I was wondering how they were going to use their new magnetic encoders without going to a bigger micro).

  2. That one looks great. I have to try one. Makes many designs easier as you have more pins.

    But – could please everyone stop building lame names with “bla-uino” ???


  3. No! I like the name Sanguino! I mean, at least that way the interoperability and compatibility is immediately obvious…

  4. agreed – the “uino” monikers can at times be tiresome. But this project is perhaps the most appropriate use along with freeduino, uduino, etc. (and it’s friggin’ awesome! ;)

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