Sanguino microcontroller platform – Arduino’s big brother

Arduino Technology

If you love the Arduino software but find yourself hampered by the included ATmega168 chip’s memory size or pin count, Zach Hoeken has a solution –

Sanguino is a new microcontroller board inspired by the Arduino. We took the biggest baddest 40-pin DIP that Atmel makes and made a board with it. Its based on the atmega644P which provides 64K of flash, 4K of ram, 32 GPIO pins, and tons of other stuff. The best part: its compatible with the Arduino software, which means all of your code should run on it no problem, and you can program it just as easily.

Sweet – the extra pins alone would satisfy this arduinaut – I do believe I’ll have to give this board a go.

Sanguino kits

Sanguino website.

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