knit sack boy.jpg

Thanks to Niall for pointing out these instructions for knitting Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet – very cute!

14 thoughts on “HOW TO – Knit Sackboy

  1. Is it just me or are there a couple places on the sun’s pdf of the sackboy pattern where the directions are clearly obscured?

  2. I can see all the instructions – I’m using Adobe Reader and upped the magnification and it all seems clear.

  3. I had trouble with this pdf when viewing it with mac os preview, there were a couple of spots that were blurred under magnification, but in adobe reader it’s fine, so just use adobe. :D

  4. Hi im gabriel , my son wants to make a sack boy can you send a knitting paturen to me ? I live at east helena 114 harison. canyou sent right tomorrow please ?

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