Wire wrapstress and lapidary goddess Dev Khan is busy at work making her signature stunning wire-wrap jewelry. Dev wrote a DIY on her technique back in CRAFT Volume 03, and we check in with her to see what she’s up to these days. Dev cuts, grinds, and polishes her own stones in her in-house workshop. She’s posted pictures of her workspace on her website, and they give a great window into the world of lapidary arts.
Here are an assortment of stones waiting to be polished:
Dev works the slabs on her Diamond Pacific Genie lapidary machine:
Here are ten slabs Dev got from Leigh Becker of Eidos polished into 36 stones:
The polished stones then move on to Dev’s main workbench with tools, lights, gemstone beads, cut stones, and crystals laid out like a palette.
And finally, the finished pieces move to this location for photographing.
Her pieces are truly breathtaking and it’s amazing to watch this soulful artisan at work! Learn how to make your own wire-wrap jewelry in CRAFT Volume 03. Here’s a sneak peek in our Digital Edition.