Recently, Becky shared a post from Stardust Shoes on how to close a softie with a baseball stitch. If you are looking for another way to close a softie or a pillow with hidden stitches, check out this video from my sewing mentor and good friend, Leslie Bonnell. When I gave my monsters demo at Maker Faire last year, I showed how to do this stitch that I’d learned from Leslie herself. Several people came up after the demo and asked me to show them again, up close, so they could see the magic stitch in action. Now anyone can learn from Leslie by watching this short video on using the ladder stitch to close a seam invisibly.

13 thoughts on “How-To: Close a Seam With The Ladder Stitch

  1. Hey, thanks for that video! I’m relatively new at sewing, so I have a lot to learn and I am glad to add that stitch to my repertoire. -Ruth

  2. I’m trying to “Pin” this on Pinterest so I won’t lose it, but can’t because it can’t find an image. This taught me not just how to repair a toy, but clothing and household items! It’s a WONDERFUL stitch! THANK YOU fort posting your tutorial!

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