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Here is another great project from Che-Wei Wang. This time he isn’t counting to a billion, but instead he is monitoring your Galvanic skin response. It looks fairly simple to construct, and the code is available from his web site.

Galvanic skin response readings are simply the measurement of electrical resistance through the body. Two leads are attached to two fingertips. One lead sends current while the other measures the difference. This setup measures GSR every 50 milliseconds.

This processing sketch samples your galvanic skin response readings every 50 milliseconds and draws the corresponding graph. Peaks and valleys are highlighted and an average line is drawn to make the GSR readings more legible.

More about Galvanic skin response readings via Arduino

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  1. hello.can u show me the circuit of this project?….i m doing final year project about lie detector using arduino…or u can show me the fritzing file?….