Quick Crochet Projects

Yesterday I posted up some quick knitting projects for you to make over the long holiday weekend. Today, I’ve rounded up some quick crochet projects like this Tarina O-Ring Necklace by Vickie Howell. Enjoy! Here are more quick crochet projects: Cro-Bot Crochet Cat Toy How-To: Magically Clean Eco Tawashi Nia’s... Read more »

Weekend Project: Rumble Mouse (PDF)

For old style FPS gaming, a cellphone vibrator gives a kick to your clicks. Thanks go to Greg Lipscomb for the original article in MAKE, Volume 06. View the PDF of this project. and then subscribe to MAKE Magazine for other great projects you can do over the weekend. Read more »

Generate cityscapes with City Engine

The video shows a fanciful idea of what New York City might look like in 2259, using a tool called City Engine to simulate a lower water level and added skyscrapers. You can do some fun stuff with the tool. For instance, it lays out the buildings based on the... Read more »

Dremelfuge is a 3D printable centrifuge

Cathal Garvey in Cork, Ireland, developed this 3D printable centrifuge attachment for a rotary tool, dubbing it the “Dremelfuge.” What an awesome alternative to an expensive piece of lab equipment, congrats on paving the way for DIY science! If you don’t have access to a 3D printer to print your... Read more »

Help build a wireless Rube Goldberg machine

For the third straight year, Minneapolis makers’ collective Studio Bricolage will hold a Rube Goldberg building event. (The video above shows last year’s machine.) But there’s a twist — the machine’s transitions will involve wireless, rather than mechanical technology! The Studio Bricolage 3rd Annual causation machine build will focus upon... Read more »