New in the Maker Shed: Reinventing Edison Lightbulb kit


The famous story goes that Thomas Edison said he didn’t fail 700 time in trying to make the lightbulb, he succeeded in proving 700 way not to make a lightbulb. Now’s your chance to build one yourself! The Reinventing Edison: Build Your Own Lightbulb Kit is a fun science kit designed to excite and engage experimenters of all ages as they recreate the experiments that lead to the development of the first real light bulb. Build your own working light bulb using the included safety vacuum chamber and a number of different filament materials including carbon and tungsten.


Reinventing Edison: Build Your Own Lightbulb Kit in the Maker Shed.

4 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: Reinventing Edison Lightbulb kit

  1. Thank you Make for not saying Edison INVENTED the light bulb. Numerous people had made them previously starting with Humphry Davy (a Brit) in the early 1800s. Edison did however did what he did best and made it practical and commercial. I think this kit in his honour is a lovely thing. I remember playing with the same sort of thing myself when I was a kid. It’s one of those things you do if you happen to have a vacuum pump lying about to play with (that and plasma lamps).

    No light bulb story is complete without a link to the longest burning bulb though:

    109 years and still, going!

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