Connoisseur of terror and Maker Faire superstar Chris Hackett has a new TV show pilot airing this Friday on the Science Channel. It’s called “Stuck With Hackett”, and it’s about building machines for the finer things in life from found/salvaged parts. Hackett’s the director of Madagascar Institute, an arts combine in Brooklyn that makes jet-powered carnival rides, among other magnificent things. The preview from Science Channel promises a makeshift air conditioner to beat the heat when you’re stranded in the desert, and the premiere’s commercial has plenty of one of Hackett’s favorite things: fire.

This premiere episode will air on Friday, December 10th at 10pm. Along with a few other new shows Science Channel is piloting this month, the show is more likely to get picked up as a series if viewers pipe up online to talk about the show. If you watch it, let us know what you think, maybe also on the channel’s Facebook page or Twitter.

One thing is certain: When the zombies come, I certainly wouldn’t feel “stuck” with Hackett around.