CRAFT Video viewer Chris writes in:

For sometime since I saw the Firefox symbol you made from Sterling silver, Ive always wanted to make my own. For the holiday I made a co-worker of mine the “Pig” (or Boar) Chinese symbol, which was a first for me. Her symbol was a tad hard and it was my first try. Also used a dremel to engrave my initials (and 925, to signify it was Sterling silver) along with the date. I also used the dremel with silver polish, which works great (mine came with this polishing wheel)!

Of Course, 1000 grit sandpaper and small files did most of the shaping. The sandpaper served to give the surface a nice contour.

Today, I finished up one for myself, which took an hour. My symbol is the rabbit, so it was much easier to make. Came out pretty good for my 2nd try :)

Figured I would share some of this because your post on MAKE inspired me a bit to do this!


Make a Firefox Necklace – CRAFT Video