How-To: Fingertip heart rate monitor

DIY Heart Rate Monitor

Here’s a well-documented and rather enlightening project from Embedded Lab:

This project demonstrates a technique to measure the heart rate by sensing the change in blood volume in a finger artery while the heart is pumping the blood. It consists of an infrared LED that transmits an IR signal through the fingertip of the subject, a part of which is reflected by the blood cells. The reflected signal is detected by a photo diode sensor. The changing blood volume with heartbeat results in a train of pulses at the output of the photo diode.

Collin’s Lab: Infrared heart sensor

15 thoughts on “How-To: Fingertip heart rate monitor

  1. Hi Matt,
    Can you mail me the complete report.I am making a monitor but a wireless one.Moreover, I am keen to use a pulse sensor rather than making one as my focus is on transmission of data rather than creating it.Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Can you mail me the complete report.I am making the same monitor but a wireless one..Thanks in advance.

  3. can you mail me a copy of the full report because i am working on a similar project for my BSc programme.( Thanks in advance!

  4. hello i work in same project and build it .while i shake my hand ,the heart rate incriment not corect but i stop hand this is correct
    please help me .( i am from iran.

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