Arduino Robotics

I was cleaning out the garage (it’s a disaster!) and in the mess inspiration struck. It’s Summer and I have two little girls. This is my Bubble Bot. Size of bubbles is controlled by timing of servo.

Parts List:
(1) RBBB (Arduino clone) from Modern Device,
(1) Cheap Servo,
(mix) Erector set parts for mechanism,
(1) 2 wire fan from computer case,
(1) 12 volt power supply from Goodwill,
(mix) wood scraps,
(1) Dollar Store fake Tupperware bowl for suds,
(2) Plumbing scraps- a 45, and a T around 2.5″,
(1) The orange ring is off of a broken hand help bubble wand from the dollar store.

[Via Tinkernology]

6 thoughts on “Arduino-Controlled Bubble Bot

      1. Agreed. Very cool take on Bubble Robotics. Much cleaner than other versions. Would be great to see it at Maker Faire Bay Area.

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