The Call Someone Who Cares Button

Boss Dialing Button
Based on The Awesome Button, Les made a one step boss dialer by hooking an emergency button into his employer’s IP telephone system. Inside the button is a Teensy board, which connects to his computer via USB. A C# app on his computer listens for the pause/break key from the Teensy and makes an HTTP request to the telephone gateway to connect his desk phone to his boss’s cell phone. You can check out the video demo to see it in action and review the source code on his blog. I really like this project, but I’m curious to know how his boss feels about being one button press away from a phone call from Les! [via Hack A Day]


16 thoughts on “The Call Someone Who Cares Button

    1. I liked that it was a big red emergency button and how Les used his IP phone gateway’s API to do what he wanted. The result may be a bit simple, but perhaps it could inspire others to use this method to try something more advanced.

  1. I’m a teacher and need one of these on my desk. When students whine I’ll tell them to hit the button to call someone who cares. It’ll just be a button though – it won’t actually do anything.

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