I’ve always been fascinated with large-scale domino chain reaction set ups, but hadn’t seen this take, using popsicle sticks, before. When Think Geek tweeted this massive 1,000 stick chain reaction, I was delighted and baffled. I did a little digging around to find out exactly how this popsicle stick chain reaction works, and this video from jayauldenparnell was the best, clearest tutorial I found. He shows you how to weave the sticks together and even how to “program” in places where you want the giant snake of sticks to turn. It looks like it could be a tedious project, but one that moves quickly once you get the rhythm down. It would be a perfect rainy day or cold winter day activity for kids. Just make sure they know before they start that they are on clean up duty afterwords.

32 thoughts on “How-To: Popsicle Stick Cobra Weave For Giant Chain Reaction

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