Last weekend, I dropped my daughter off at a Girl Scout meeting and spied this awesome milk jug skeleton on the front porch of her troop leader’s house (pictured above – thanks, Kate!). It was adorable, and something that seemed like it would be a fun, long-lasting project to make with my kids. I came home and did some searching and found a few versions online. This tutorial from The Party Animal, which includes pattern pieces, seemed to be one of the best versions I found. The next day, another friend randomly shared a picture of her friend’s milk jug skeleton on my Facebook page, and I knew this was no accident. I must make one immediately.
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30 thoughts on “How-To: Milk Jug Skeleton

  1. I saw this in Family Fun magazine many years ago and had always wanted to make one but never did. Looks like I may have to save those milk jugs again!

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