Project: Quilled Hearts & Flowers Valentine

By Ann Martin If you enjoy making Valentine cards, quilled hearts and flowers are a great way to add dimension. At first glance, quilling might seem complicated, but it honestly isn’t hard to do once you’ve learned the basics. An added bonus is that it’s one of the least expensive... Read more »

Seattle Mini Maker Faire Opens CfM!

OMG! Seattle, the city in which my apartment resides, is having its first-ever Mini Maker Faire, and I couldn’t be prouder. We’ve been working for long months in secret, planning with the city’s Science Faire Day, scheming layouts, and dreaming big. I’m so happy this has launched and now I... Read more »

Soft Circuit Suspenders Police your Posture

Tobias Sonne of Carnegie Mellon devised suspenders equipped with stretch sensors that detect differences in resistance depending on the user's posture. If there is not enough stretch in the suspenders, a buzzer gives haptic feedback, alerting the user to sit up straight. Read more »

How-To: Add a Simple Lining to a Too-Sheer Shirt

Nicole from Cola Cola Island takes the scandal out of too-sheer tops with her simple, quick shirt lining tutorial. And, as a gal who’s had the experience of going outside in a fancy new shirt, only to find out—embarrassingly after the fact—that it was completely see through it in the... Read more »

Argentium Silver

Human beings have been smithing silver for millennia. I was surprised to learn, therefore, that significant advances in silver metallurgy have been made as recently as the 1990s. Sterling silver, by definition, contains 92.5 wt% silver metal and 7.5% other metals, traditionally mostly copper. In 1998, however, Peter Johns of... Read more »

Collapsible Knitting Needle

Brett Beauregard writes: "I needed a break. I’ve been working hard on the osPID for several months, and I just needed to not look at code or control algorithms for a little bit. Nothing says “break” like an out-of-left-field project." Read more »

How-To: Custom Kids’ Art Duvet Cover

My daughter is obsessed with drawing anime-type cats and Pokemon, and her drawings always bring a smile to my face. I love the idea of decorating with my kids’ art, and this project from Jen of A Thousand Words takes a new spin on the just-stick-it-on-the-fridge way of display. She... Read more »