Drew Fustini recently got his hands on an AlaMode and used it display tweets from his Raspberry Pi to an 2.8″ TFT LCD Touchscreen Shield. The AlaMode and shield are connected to the Raspberry Pi which runs the Arduino IDE and a bit of Python code to make it all happen. Since Adafruit has a comprehensive Arduino library available for the TFT shield, all Drew had to do was write a simple sketch to display serial strings and adjust the text size and color within the library. Next he wrote a Python script which searches for specific hashtags and passes the information through the AlaMode to the display.

While this could be done with an Arduino and Ethernet Shield, this project was programmed entirely from the Raspberry Pi and just scratches the surface on what’s possible with the AlaMode. I’m hoping Drew keeps going with this and makes use of the touchscreen in the future. [via Element14 Forums]