Looking for a simple yet fun kit to get youngsters into making? Check out the Make: SpinBot Kit from the Maker Shed. This kit lets them create a simple, vibrating “robot” that makes unique works of art. The kit was designed with ease of use and creativity in mind, so even the most novice maker can build it. The bot’s frame is held together using colorful zip-ties or rubber bands (plenty of both included) to encourage artistic expression. Just attach the drawing implements of your choice, add the vibrating motor and batteries, and you’re off and running.


The SpinBot Kit is the brainchild of Christopher Myers and Anne Mayoral who form ArtBot Toys, a company founded with the goal of connecting kids and the STEM fields at an early age. They’ve attended multiple Maker Faires where their SpinBots never fail to draw a crowd. Be sure to see their demo at Maker Faire Bay Area this May!