The Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire Roundup

Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire

This post is a roundup of the Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire—the first Maker Faire in France—which was held at the IUT de Saint-Malo this weekend.

Saint Malo
That’s a wrap for the first French mini-Maker Faire, which was held this weekend in Saint Malo.

It was a small fair, but despite the size there was some amazing makers here showing off their creations and the quality of those exhibiting here was really high. Even if I’d had all day, and I did, I couldn’t have seen half the the exhibits here at the Faire. It was also well attended—with over 1,000 school pupils and their teachers from around the region coming to the fair yesterday for Education Day, and just short of 1,500 general attendees coming to the fair today.

I did manage to talk to some of the makers here:

and of course, managed to watch some UAVs slightly closer to home.

Although unlike the recent Great British Node Conference I attended earlier this week, nobody managed to crash the drones into the camera man. For which I was pretty grateful.

6 thoughts on “The Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire Roundup

  1. So happy to see MakerFaires happening in France, too! Saint Malo is a beautiful place – Joyeux bidouillage – et vive la Bretagne!

  2. Great thing to see a maker faire in France – especially in Brittany. I have been reading my Make magazines for the last 5 years, expecting such an event in my country.
    Of course it was a little faire. But there’s so many stuff to show in Brittany in a Maker Faire that you have to organize a second one. This time, invite “les Machines de l’Île” from Nantes. This is our “Crucible”. “Me Poete Ferrailleur” is a loony DIY artist from our lands. Low-tech could be shown by some neolithic guys I know from the Landes De Cojoux.
    I was glad to meet people from Make team. Hope they enjoyed Brittany.

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