Weekend Projects HOA – Easy LED Color Organ LIVE NOW

Makers like to share, modify, be inspired by others, and build projects to suit their own needs. It is with that in mind that we present you with the Easy LED Color Organ, a solderless breadboard project that itself was inspired by Akimitsu “The LED Artist” Sadoi’s Color Organ Triple Deluxe II that itself was inspired by Collin Cunningham’s LED Color Organ circa 2010.

Today we’ll be chatting with Aki Sadoi live at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET for the third installment of our Weekend Projects Hangouts On Air series. Bounce back here at the scheduled hangout time to watch LIVE or join our event on Google+ to watch and ask Aki any questions.

If you like lights and music, you’ll enjoy building this LED Color Organ. You plug your music into it, and the circuit divides the sound into high, mid, and low frequencies and then flashes 3 different colors of LEDs according to those frequencies. This project is fun and easy to build.

Every Friday from Oct. 11 – Dec. 20 (except Nov. 29) we’ll be hanging out with makers of Weekend Projects, our beginner-friendly series of electronics builds powered by RadioShack. Join our host and 2012′s Maker Camp Director Nick Raymond, a guest MAKE Editor, and specially invited makers for these fun and informal hangouts.


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