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Yasuaki Onishi’s Hot Glue Art

Hot glue guns are beloved by many makers as the secret weapon for rapid project completion–especially when you can’t find the right hardware.

Yasuaki Onishi, on the other hand, makes hot glue his medium, dribbling it off of wire grids and tree branches to form intricate and diaphanous works of art, with urea crystals embedded in the glue for extra sparkle. Apparently he ordinarily uses black glue sticks — I didn’t even know such a thing existed! [via Wired Design]

6 thoughts on “Yasuaki Onishi’s Hot Glue Art

  1. Likewise, I didn’t know black hot glue sticks existed… until I stumbled across them completely by accident in Clas Ohlson here in the UK (and as such across most of Europe). The only problem is it melts at a lower temperature than my Bostik glue gun provides, so it gets a bit runny…

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