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Shopbot Desktop: A Step Up In DIY Engineering

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I know that 3D printers have been all the rage lately, but let us not forget the humble CNC mill. It’s capable of fast and precise fabrication in a plethora of materials. It definitely earns a place on any serious maker’s workbench.MakerShed_Holiday_Hdr-Logo_bur02

The ShopBot Desktop is a prime example of a desktop CNC. It’s the perfect size for medium to large wood projects, but is still small enough fit on a workbench and do the tiny intricate parts you need for things like robotics and RC. This rock solid machine is built around a sturdy welded aluminum frame and glides on precision ground linear guides powered by torquey stepper motors driving zero-backlash nuts giving it a top speed of 360 IPM on the rapids. It has automatic home positioning and an electronic tool height indicator, which makes setting up your parts practically a no brainer and the control software lends itself to fewer accidents and crashes.

I love this machine. We have one here in MAKE Labs and I’ve used it to make all kinds of projects from pinewood derby cars to aluminum paneling for my fusion reactor.  So if your done with 3D printing, step it up and get your hands on the Shopbot Desktop.

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Dan Spangler

Dan Spangler is a freelance maker with a passion for fabricating speed, high voltage, and the things that go boom.

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