MAKE@SXSW 2014“We the People of the Maker-verse, in order to form more perfect large-scale 3D printed sculptures, hereby establish this crowdsourcing website for the United Printers of the Maker-verse.”

That text is emblazoned on the top of the site for We the Builders, a project by a team of 3D printing enthusiasts. In order to 3D print a 1:1 scale replica of the bust of George Washington at Walters Art Museum, they needed to break up the model into different blocks. These blocks were digitally dispatched to participants across the country, who printed their contribution and mailed it to Baltimore to be assembled into a the full size bust. At SXSW Interactive, I talked with Todd Blatt, one of the team members that made it happen. If you’re a 3D printer operator interested in helping out with their next effort, you can join the crowd at