Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire BannerThis post is coming to you live from the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire—returning to Edinburgh for the second time—being held at the Summerhall here this weekend as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

There’s a huge range of makers here at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire, from amateurs through to pro-makers, and even some professional scientists, and I talked to Philip Boeing from UCL about the Darwin Toolbox.

The Darwin Toolbox from Alasdair Allan on Vimeo.

The toolbox is an affordable biotechnology laboratory in a compact toolbox-size container that includes a centrifuge, a PCR machine and a gel electrophoresis unit with transilluminator, all of which should mean that you can be get started doing real DIY genetics at home.

The Darwin Toolbox should be coming to Kickstarter later in the year, so look out for that if you’re thinking you might want to get started with genetics at home, or if you’re a scientist that’s looking out for a cool toolbox to be used in the field.