This exquisite example of non-standard material use really brightened up my day. I love the idea of making stuff from materials that weren’t intended for the final product. In this case, Peter Brown wanted to do some colorful wood working, so he glued a bunch of colored pencils together to get the raw material for making a wooden ring.

In the video you can see how he glued the pencils so there would be no gaps, Using a couple nails to hold everything securely. Then, he cut a chunk off of this new stock material for his lathe. This experiment could have completely fallen apart at the next step. Turning something like this on a lathe was a bit of an experiment for him. After that, a lot of hand-sanding and some considerable trial and error gave him the final result. The end product is light weight, and quite eye-catching. I find it vaguely reminiscent of rolled clay beads.

If you’d like to keep track of the interesting things that Peter is up to, you can follow him on youtube.