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Fugitt’s Favorites: Robots of MakerCon and Maker Faire

I attended both MakerCon and Maker Faire Bay area this year, and they were fantastic. I had been to the World Maker Faire before. The Bay Area Maker Faire is like a wild, mutant version of the New York City event with a huge dollop of Burning Man on top.

Here are some of my favorite robots from the week, and follow me on Robots Dreams if you want to see more of my work.


This week marks the official launch of Make: Volume 39 — Robotics, which drops on newsstands the 27th. Be sure to grab a copy at a retailer near you, or subscribe online right now and never miss another issue.

We are celebrating with five days of robot-related articles, pictures, videos, reviews and projects. Tune into this space for Robot Week!

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Lem Fugitt is a senior advisor to Japanese, U.S., and European companies specializing in market development, international alliances, and technology partnerships. Living and working in Japan for 26 years has provided him with unique access to Asian robot research and development at all levels. In addition to his consulting practice, he publishes Robots Dreams and is a regular contributor to publications like ROBOT Magazine. Currently he has 15 humanoid robots at home, and the number is continuing to grow.

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