MAKE 39: Robotics

M39 Cover ImaharaThere’s never been a better time to get excited about DIY robotics! In this issue Mythbuster, model maker, and combat roboticist Grant Imahara talks about hacking everything from a giant spiderbot to R2-D2. Check out the latest in humanoid robots and open-source robotic platforms. Then, build your own bots that follow the sunlight or scuttle about in a hamster ball and delve into biorobotics by hacking a venus flytrap to close on command.

Plus, build a super-efficient backyard oven, launch a compressed air rocket with wings that snap open to glide back to Earth, pick up the basics of Intel’s new Arduino-compatible Galileo board, and learn to paint on leather using the classic Lego Space logo. These projects and much more in Make: Volume 39, on newsstands May 27, 2014.