A garage door opens. The camera pans in. This could be Cupertino, 1976, but it’s not. It’s today. Or rather, tonight: “11:30PM. Somewhere.” We’ve all been there, up late after-hours, toiling on a project. But it was “the makerspace” segment that I found myself staring adrift at, analyzing the tools, materials, and projects on display, while listening to the narrator’s almost incorporeal voice. Without even realizing it, I was enjoying the clever roll-overs used to send viewers to Galileo-powered projects, and the research material that inspired them.


I could watch 100 videos like this and they never get boring. I’m always fascinated by makers’ workshops, labs, and garages converted into home makerspaces.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking, “I can’t wait to see the Edison video!”

Update: Edison is now available in the Maker Shed.