If you’re a fan of coffee tables, geography, and stuff that glows, you’ll love this table by Chris Finklea. It features a beautiful finish, and is assembled using CNC-cut hexagons with a map of the world cut into them. To fill in the land masses, Chris decided to fill them in with what appears to be a glowing epoxy.

Making this project even more impressive is that, implied from the title of imgur set (also on Facebook), it’s his first CNC project. The whole thing was designed on Sketchup Make, and the results are hard to argue with.

CNC skills aside, this is an extremely well-finished table, and from the pictures, wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end furniture store.

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Antarctica is conspicuously missing in this Settlers of Catan style table. Perhaps Chris isn’t a fan of penguins, or perhaps he simply ran out of space. And if you’re wondering, yes, I did have to double check that penguins live there, and not on the northern ice-ball!