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Red-Hot Steel and Green Fire Make Gilly A Sight to Behold
This exhibit will be appearing at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area. Don't have tickets yet? Get them here!
This exhibit will be appearing at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area. Don’t have tickets yet? Get them here!

“Does it move?” This is one of the most common questions you’ll hear if you happen to be standing near Gilly, a giant stainless steel sculpture by Orion Fredricks.

The swooping curves, anatomically inspired construction, and lifelike posture make it feel as though Gilly is about to turn and look in your direction at any moment. Even those of us who have had the pleasure of being around Gilly for extended amounts of time find ourselves taking a second glance to make sure she hasn’t moved.

[vimeo 78879028 w=620]

We interviewed Fredricks about Gilly at last year’s Maker Faire Bay Area and he left us with this exciting tidbit.

What’s next?
The fire element of Gilly is next. Once Gilly has reached maturity and is fully functional, I’ll start Frilly, Gilly‘s sister. Frilly will be the same size as, if not larger than, Gilly, and will have a complementary flame effect.

He has delivered on that promise not only by delivering flames, but coming up with visually interesting ways to mix the flames into his artwork. Expect to see eruptions of color and glowing red metal this year when you visit with Gilly.

[vimeo 124467035 w=620]

Even though she’s gone through some incredible upgrades, you can rest easy, she won’t be walking any time soon.



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