Hydrojet-Powered Personal Pool Pontoon from PVC

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Build a DIY hydrojet-powered watercraft for kids that’s perfect for the backyard pool. Kids love to drive the land roving mini cars and trucks you can get at the big box toy stores, now they can head to the water and pilot their own home built pontoon boat. This boat is at a scale and power where kids can cool off while parents can enjoy watching them gently cruising around the pool.

This DIY Jr. Jet Ski is made with 4 PVC tubes capped to form the pontoon floats and a PVC frame for the seat and steering. It’s held together with zip ties and powered by a rechargeable drill battery hacked to a bilge pump. The pump propels the craft with an underwater hydro jet. Unlike a full scale jet ski this one has reverse. A quick twist of the steering column and this ski goes backwards. A great project that kids that can help in the building process.

To see this project in action check out the video!

6 thoughts on “Hydrojet-Powered Personal Pool Pontoon from PVC

  1. Very cool. You may get more control if you put a keel on the bilge exhaust pole.

  2. This is amazing. The kid looks like he is enjoying every bit of it. But I have doubts regarding the control. Hydro jetting is normally used for cleaning purpose right, so how is the pressure controlled? Is there some mechanism to scale the speed of the boat? This is totally cool otherwise.

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