We spoke to Chris Anderson — co-founder and CEO of 3DR — about his talk today at MakerCon where he argued that technology has moved to the point where you can no longer start out as a Maker and organically become a Maker pro, and build a company. That while it was possible (even easy) back when he started out in 2007, technology is moving so fast, that competition from China is so fierce, that you can no longer do it all. That the Maker Movement itself is returning to its roots of hackers and tinkerers.

He also spoke about the enabling technologies he sees as important, and the “peace dividend of the smart phone wars,” arguing that, “when giants battle we all win.” Alongside this he talked about the replacement of the old model of hardware, where it gradually got worse everyday, with the new model, the connected product model — where updates to onboard software means that the capabilities of the hardware can and will get better over time.