York, England, resident Edward Pulleyn, 16, had to design and construct a storage unit for his Design & Technology course at school. He says,

I’ve been collecting comics for about a year and a half, and I’ve always had to store them in cardboard boxes. I’ve never seen anything more substantial on the market besides clunky metal drawers, so I decided to make my own stylish, medium-sized holder.

It certainly is a great design, and I’m a little jealous that I didn’t have an amazing shop class like he does in which to make cool stuff like this. All the tools needed to build this (including a lathe, laser cutter, and various other implements) were provided by his school. His teacher, Eamonn Molloy was naturally quite supportive of such an excellent project, and Edward received full marks on his storage unit!

Although Edward doesn’t cite any particular source of inspiration, his idea was to make something circular and postmodern. It somewhat reminds me of a classic Eames chair with a laser-cut batman logo inlaid into it. An interesting idea if you just happen to have one of these $5000 chairs available to experiment with!

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[via Reddit]