Bicycles are great for transporting one person, but what if you need a trailer to haul extra gear? You could always buy a cargo trailer, but why not make one? On, John Doppert shows how you can take an old trailer, meant to haul a child, and convert it into a gear-carrying rig.

Doppert started with a kiddie trailer he found abandoned behind an apartment. The wheels, axle, and part of the connector assembly were recycled, in addition to at least some of the reflectors. The frame is made of several lengths of square aluminum tubing, supporting a white piece of wood on top. The arm is extended from the original base using a variety of creatively sourced parts, including a spring and a safety tether.

The trailer arm attaches to the bike using a custom connector made out of a rod end bearing with a piece of rubber in the middle. On the bike’s side, the “hitch” is made with a piece of scrap metal, and things are secured together with a pin.

I have to give this build a lot of credit for creative parts sourcing. From the picture, the trailer appears to be able to handle a decent load, and the reflectors on the wheels should give the user more visibility at night.