“But what are they really good for except printing more plastic crap that we don’t need?” We hear such sentiments a lot when talking about 3D printing. And there’s some grain of truth to that statement. A lot of what we still see coming out of 3D printers are trinkets, toys (that kids won’t likely play with), and joke items. When Make: put together the first Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing just two short years ago, we decided to address this criticism by including an article on practical things you could create with a 3D printer. We really had to dig deep to find worthy candidates. These days, it’s getting a lot easier. Especially in areas like medicine, 3DP is really starting to come into its own, creating seriously life-enhancing, even life-saving medical devices.

While the following collection of 3D printable objects for your home, from previously-published articles, may not save your life, they can come in handy around the house and make you feel more justified in your early adoption of an object printer. They also give you a glimpse of a very near future in which, if you need a part or desired new object in your home, in a variety of materials, that object will only be a press Print away.

3D Print Your Kitchen Tools

kitchen3DP Matt Stultz writes: The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. The prints in this collection (30 in all) will help you cook, clean, and organize. In the future, maybe the most important tool in this vital room of your house will be your 3D printer.” Link: 3D Printing Around The Home: The Kitchen

Your Bathroom Needs a 3D Printer

bath3DPFrom printing replacement parts for your toilet tank to a vortex shower head to the obligatory rubber ducky for your tub, there are 27 printable projects here for your bathroom. Link: 3D Printing Around The Home: The Bathroom

Printing Projects for Your Yard

outdoorTiffHave you ever had the pull on your lawn mower break? Of course you have. We all have. Now, a replacement is a print away. Birds houses and bird feeders, tent spikes, replacement shovel handles, and more. 19 printable projects in all. Link: 3D Printing Around The House: In The Yard

Lots of Things to Print for a Game Room

game3DPCaleb writes: “Here is a long list of items that you could print to improve your game room. From tabletop gaming to watching a movie, there’s probably something here you could print to make life easier or your game better!” 27 game-related prints as well as items for your home entertainment center. Link: 3D Printing Around The Home: The Game Room

3D Printing for the Office

office3DNeed a new tape dispenser? How about a business card holder or bumpers for your smart phone. Tree stump pen and pencil holder, anyone? In this piece, we collect 15 useful and fun objects for your desktop and mobile business life. Link: 3D Printing Around the Home: The Office