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Weekend Watch: “Geek Builders” Blends Geeky and Practical in Videos

GeekBuilders is an “everyman” kind of workshop YouTube channel, with projects that range from the geeky to the practical. A DIY lightsaber and hand sander repair project both find a home on Shawn Jolicoeur’s channel. With less than a year into posting videos online, there’s sure to be more great things coming from him in the future.

Most of Shawn’s videos start with a goofy staged intro that sets up the “why” of the project. In one video Shawn is busy being an adult (read: stapling papers) while his son plays video games. In another his son disappears (a la Lord of the Rings) after putting on a ring made from a quarter.

Some videos are played straight, however, like his follow up to his lightsaber project and his work refinishing a vintage chair. These videos tend to contain lots of information on the thought process behind the build.

Once Shawn begins working, the viewer is treated to a close up look of the process (usually with no, or very little commentary) and a nice backdrop of upbeat music.

One of the things I like about the projects on Geek Builders is they don’t always turn out perfectly. Shawn isn’t afraid to document his first time trying something new, so while all the projects are good, there’s often one or two things that can be improved. This is so great! Seeing a mistake and seeing a learning process can be just as enlightening (if not more so) than seeing someone churn out, yet another piece of perfection. On occasion Shawn follows up a project video with a debrief, explaining the successes of a project and where he’d try to improve if he were to do it again. It’s pretty insightful, and I for one, am grateful that he’s sharing this part of his process.


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