Name: DJ Sures
City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Day Job: Founder & CEO of EZ-Robot

dj sures

DJ is not actually a DJ. He’s a roboticist from Calgary who founded the company EZ-Robot. He first wrote an article on hacking toys to make robots in Make: Vol 27, and we followed up with him for a Q&A back in 2011. Here’s a video of his early robots:

EZ-Robot is a robotic building system with an integrated development environment to program and control the robot in real time. It sells for about $300 and the primary market is education. At the Intel Developer Forum, DJ demonstrated a model that uses the new Intel Joule PC processor as its brain.

EZ-Robot is now a 50-person company with its own 6,700 sq. ft facility where all the components for the EZ-Robot system are manufactured. DJ said that he was unhappy with the quality of the components he ordered for the original version of the robot, so he redesigned the robot and began making all its components, including the servo motors. According to DJ, they’ve shipped about 20,000 units in 2016, and their biggest challenge is keeping up with demand. The software is incredible, allowing you to customize the development environment and immediately share to a mobile device as a controller.

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