After a few weeks of teasing, Ultimaker has revealed their latest printer: The Ultimaker 3.

Of course, the two items that really stand out about the latest offering from the Netherlands-based company are the addition of dual extruder system and the introduction of “print cores.”

The “Print Core” appears to be an easily removable hot end, for switching materials. They explain that there are different internal geometries for printing different materials, such as water soluble support filament. The ability to simply swap out the hot end for the desired material should provide better prints and more reliability.

There are other new features as well, such as the 20 micron resolution, a new cooling system, and the ability to print materials at up to 280°C. You can find all the specs on their site, where they have the Ultimaker 3 listed at €2,995 and the Ultimaker 3 Extended at €3,695.

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