When Autodesk recently announced they were going to be discontinuing the 123D app, many of us were pretty bummed. As it turns out, that app had a fantastic ability to “slice” objects into layers for cutting with a laser, router, or mill. They’ve added a “slicer” app, packed with features to fill that void left behind by the closing of 123D. This new announcement for Fusion 360 is music to our ears.

The name “slicer” can be a bit confusing for some of us. If you’re in to 3D printing, you know a slicer generates the code that your 3D printer uses to make parts. This slicer is a bit different, but the name suits it perfectly. It can create slices in various ways to build the shape you want. You’re not limited to stacking layers on top of each other — you can do grids, custom arrangements, and all kinds of tweaking.

This is a fantastic addition to an already insanely powerful tool, and remember, Fusion 360 is free for hobbyists!