The world of CAD design can be an intimidating one, but it’s also a gateway to so many incredible possibilities! Whether you’re a beginner just getting into the world of 3D design or an experienced maker looking for helpful tutorials and inspiration to take your creations to the next level – these blog posts are here to give you all the essential tools and knowledge that you need. In these blog posts you’ll find everything from basic CAD design techniques to advanced tips for creating complex projects with ease – no matter what skill level you’re currently at. So if you’re ready start your journey into 3D designing excellence– let’s dive in!

Jason Pohl in his home workshop

Jason Pohl: From Designing Video Games to Orange County Choppers and Beyond

Jason Pohl calls himself a “pretengineer” because he’s self-taught. Trained as artist, his design work has taken him from creating video games to actually designing and fabricating parts for Orange County Choppers. He moved into CAD design and working with CNC machines, creating custom parts for motorcycles in-house. Jason has boundless energy and enthusiasm as […]

How To Use AI To Build Optimized Models In Fusion 360: Generative Design

How To Use AI To Build Optimized Models In Fusion 360: Generative Design

Autodesk recently added a futuristic function to its Fusion 360 design software. The new Generative Design workspace uses cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) software that designs mesh and T-spline models with parameters that you provide. It’s called generative because the software generates dozens or hundreds of solutions from those parameters. If you don’t like any of […]