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Two Teens Restore a 1974 Super Beetle

In 2016, Claire Nelson and her brother bought a yellow 1974 Super Beetle, and set a goal for themselves to restore the car to its former glory within the year.

Nelson reported that their to-do list for the car was quite extensive, especially after she and her brother decided they wanted to add some modern modifications to the car.

We started working on it with the intention of completing it by our 16th birthday, it is yet to be seen if we will meet that deadline.

We still have to do:

– Body Work (Sanding, filling up dents, welding in new body pieces in the front and back, preparing the car to be primed)

– repairing fenders

– Priming

– Painting (it’s going to be yellow!)

– Adding the chrome

– Replacing Window and Door seals

– Getting new tires and hubcaps accurate to the orginal

– Replacing the Headliner and some interior apostlery

– Polishing Windsheild (there is a large scratch)

– Electrical Work

– Rebuild Engine

– Reinstall Engine

– Adding Air Conditioning (Hopefully)

Having never restored a car before, Nelson remarks that this is the largest project that she and her brother have ever attempted. “I have learned a ton of new skills and am starting to recognize the importance of paying attention to details,” Nelson said. If you want to follow Nelson and her brother’s ongoing journey with restoring their Super Beetle, check out the project’s page on Nelson’s Maker Share profile.

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